Original Design
Committed to the perfect industrial product design, to provide consumers with beautiful, pleasing products. Fit the true nature of the material, sophisticated manufacturing process, in line with the aesthetic industrial modeling.
Original Function
Innovative product features to the international top-level products as a reference and goals, innovation and breakthroughs, to provide consumers with a new first-class experience of products and services.

Design concept
Perfect Perfect is a pursuit, and returning to Original is also a realm.
Nature is not the ultimate true beauty of things, one is the ultimate pursuit is endless, the second is the inevitable law. Natural dull is the real beauty.
The design concept of "Returning to Nature" is the original thinking of 2-Original cloud series.
2-originalYun Yun is a digital audio, the original high-quality original notes to convey to you, remove any extra features, only the best sound quality and easy to use. At the same time to the rational consumers, passing a return to simplicity, natural and original cultural ideas, respected simplicity of reason, precipitation culture, the spirit of sublimation, cultivating sentiments Yun Yun poetic life. Remove all fickle boast, remove excessive packaging and show off, remove excessive speculation and flashy.
This is the 2-Original cloud, natural, authentic, and technical originality.


2-Original team is composed of a group of 15 years of experience in the development of domestic audio sound manufacturing professionals, and nearly 20 years experience in mold and product manufacturing composition. Accumulate OEM / ODM foundry experience of the world's top brand audio products, understand the design and manufacture standards of first-class audio products, and combine with the world's top manufacturing technologies and processes. The common vision is to develop and manufacture super-class products and services, accumulate wealth and achieve gorgeous changes created by China to China.

Product + content
Yun Yun audio, adhering to the "science and technology + culture and art", "product + content" business philosophy, is committed to promoting a new generation of "ritual" education popularization.

Patented technology

① Sound thick-walled cavity molding technology to solve the case of high-power amplifier resonant phenomenon
② Echo tube integrated molding technology.